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The idea behind these ices was that we could blend fruits that have their own sweetness and make them into ice cubes. That way, whenever one has a craving for something cold on a really hot day, we could break out the ice tray and help ourselves to one of these. Having a varied choice is pleasing for the children, and the fact that it is not a larger popsicle makes the parents happy too. You could increase these proportions if you want larger servings.


Cantaloupe Melon Ices:
1 cup (160 g) cantaloupe melon chunks
yield: 6 ice cubes
Pineapple Ices
1 cup (165 g) pineapple
yield: 6 ice cubes
Peach-Orange Ices:
1 medium peach
3 tablespoons (45 mL)
fresh-squeezed orange juice
yield: 4 ice cubes
Watermelon Ices:
1 cup (150 g) watermelon chunks
yield: 6 ice cubes


1. In a blender, purée the ingredients, and pour into ice trays
2. Allow the ices to freeze, and serve cold
3. Alternately, you could also use plastic Dixie cups with Popsicle sticks, or popsicle molds (as pictured on opposite page)

This recipe originally appeared in the cookbook section of The SCD for Autism and ADHD by Pamela Ferro & Raman Prasad.

The SCD for Autism & ADHD: (Cookbook Section) by Pamela Ferro & Raman Prasad is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0