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1 or 2 racks beef or pork ribs (chicken will not work)
garlic cloves (we use a lot - like ten - of these, but adjust or eliminate if that suits you)
1 foil oven bag (you can buy these or make your own from aluminum foil)
salt and pepper


1. Grill ribs for about five minutes per side. You can either put them on the BBQ or use your broiler. The goal is to sear the ribs and seal in some of the flavor.
2. Salt and pepper the ribs. Place them in the foil bag. If making your own, make sure that it is pretty much air tight.
3. Garlic and about two table spoons of water. Seal the bag very tightly and place in oven. Set oven to just above boiling about 212 F (100C) and let them cook for about three hours. Be very very careful when opening the bag because there will be a lot of hot steam in them.
4. The long slow cooking process will create a tender well cooked rib that will fall away from the bone.