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This is a simple recipe for homemade almond milk. Do not use this as a dairy (milk) substitute. Be mindful of how your system reacts to it - too much of it can be heavy on the gut. It is recommended that you avoid it for the first six months on the diet.


1 cup (150 g) raw whole almonds (with skin)
3 cups (720 mL) water + cold water for soaking almonds
¼ teaspoon (1 mL) vanilla extract
¼ teaspoon SCD-safe ginger powder
¼ teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons (14 g) honey


1. Place the almonds in a container for soaking overnight
2. Make sure the almonds are covered with enough cold water that the nuts are submerged
3. Set them aside (preferably in fridge) and let them sit for 8-12 Drain the soaking almonds and rinse them thoroughly to remove any dirt items that have come loose from the soaking
4. Put the almonds in a high-speed blender or juicer with the 3 cups of water
5. Cover and process till a smooth consistency is reached
6. Add in the vanilla, ginger, salt, and honey and process until Using a fine cheesecloth or nut milk bag, line a sieve and allow the nut milk to drip through into a storage container
7. You might need to use your hands to squeeze out the excess milk
8. The nut milk should hours
9. combined
10. last for 3-4 days
11. *Note: Wait for at least 6 months after symptoms have cleared before trying nut milk recipes


2½ cups (600 mL)

This recipe originally appeared in the cookbook section of The SCD for Autism and ADHD by Pamela Ferro & Raman Prasad.

The SCD for Autism & ADHD: (Cookbook Section) by Pamela Ferro & Raman Prasad is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0