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Out for Pizzas with SCD Crusts

November 25, 2015
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A week ago, we headed out to our favorite local gourmet pizza place that allows us to bring our own almond-flour crust for "pizza-ing."

Over the years, we have been perfecting the thickness and texture of the crust so that it can work in their oven – along with the other farm-to-table ingredients they add on top.

On this visit, instead of homemade crusts, we brought two crusts from Liberated Specialty Foods* (formerly Nourish Bakery), and were lucky enough to carry home some leftovers - one crust baked to perfection with peppers, mushrooms, and onions – and the other with SCD-safe chorizo - all topped with delicious cheddar cheese! 

(* I'm actually ordering more crusts from them this week.)

(Conflicts of interest: None:)