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Stages of the SCD

February 9, 2012

image 1I'm writing a quick post to clear up any confusion regarding "Stages of the SCD." First, there are no distinct "stages."  Several years ago, parents on created a list of stages to assist parents with children suffering specifically from autism.  These stages do not apply to Crohn's, colitis, IBS, or celiac disease. Over time, people have mistakenly adopted these stages, often with mixed results.

In addition, for professionals who treat children with autism in clinical practice, the introduction to the SCD is individualized--it also does not adhere to stages listed online.

Although the stages you find online do not apply to the SCD, Breaking the Vicious Cycle does note foods that should be avoided while GI symptoms are present, including raw fruits and vegetables.

For more information, please read Breaking the Vicious Cycle.  (For autism, the GAPS diet includes the same foods as the SCD but has an updated protocol regarding how to introduce them--this includes avoiding casein.)

Below is a partial list of several SCD-legal foods that cannot be consumed right away or should be eaten sparingly.  This information is from  Breaking the Vicious Cycle:

eggs - Do not eat while diarrhea is active

honey - Use sparingly while symptoms are present.  Limit to 1 tbsp per day

raw vegetables/fruit - Do not have eat if diarrhea is active (with the exception of ripened bananas that have black spots beginning to appear on skin)

nut flour products - Do not consume them to the exclusion of other foods.  Limit yourself to 4 small muffins per day.  Note: There are nearly 100 almonds in a cup of almond flour.  Even a "healthy" person cannot digest so many nuts.

nuts (not as nut flour) -  Try after diarrhea has cleared.  Avoid salted mixtures--they usually have a starch coating.

orange juice - Do not drink while diarrhea is active (and go slow on other juices while diarrhea is active)

cabbage and vegetables in that family - Do not consume while diarrhea is active.

dried legumes -  3 months after diarrhea has cleared, try with caution

Bottom line: There are no "stages" of the SCD.