The SCD for Autism and ADHD (book cover)
By Pamela Ferro & Raman Prasad
Cookbook in collaboration with Nilou Moochhala

This groundbreaking book serves as a comprehensive guide for the Dairy-Free version of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ (SCD-DF). The original SCD (a grain-free, sugar-free, soy-free diet), introduced by Elaine Gottschall in Breaking the Vicious Cycle, has been further researched and developed into the SCD-DF in order to help people with autism and ADHD.

The first part of the book explains the scientific research that supports the SCD-DF dietary intervention. It describes how conditions – from anxiety and eczema to reflux and motor coordination – are also tied to autism and ADHD. It guides families on how to start the SCD-DF – from building a support network and setting up the kitchen – to shopping lists, meal plans, and what to expect on the first days of the diet.

The second part of this book contains over 150 SCD-DF recipes organized into categories such as Bakery, Breakfast, Snacks, Meats, Drinks, and Desserts; and also includes a sample transitional menu, weekly meal plans, and themed menu ideas.

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  • What / Why / How of the Dairy-Free SCD
  • Documented Research and Studies
  • Impact of the Gut Microbiome on Behavior
  • Step-By-Step Dietary Guide
  • Illustrated Reference Diagrams
  • Transitional & Regular Meal Plans
  • Reference and Cookbook Index
  • Personal Anecdotes and Stories from Families
  • Comprehensive, Easy-To-Use Cookbook

Press + Reviews

"This work translates years of expertise and knowledge into an understandable guidebook: explaining the need for this particular diet and the application of it in daily life for those individuals with autism."

- Kelly M. Barnhill, M.B.A., C.N., C.C.N..
Director of Clinical Care, Johnson Center for Child Health & Development

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