1 whole turkey [12-16 lbs.]
1 whole onion
1 celery stalk

1. Prepare charcoal in grill at least 30 minutes before grilling. place charcoal on 2 sides of the grill, placing the aluminum foil or drip pan in the center to catch juices from the turkey.

2. Remove giblets and neck from the cavity. rinse turkey thoroughly.

3. Insert whole onion and celery stalk [split] into the body cavity.

4. Salt and pepper the surface of the turkey.

5. Place the turkey on the grill at medium setting. close the grill cover and keep it closed. (opening the lid increases the cooking time.)

6. Basting is not necessary. begin checking internal temperature of the turkey after two hours. turkey is done when meat thermometer reaches 170 degrees f. when inserted into the thickest part of the breast.

7. Optional: rinse giblets and neck. wrap in foil. place on the grill for about 1 hour. giblets are done when internal tempereature reaches about 180 degrees f.