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ELAINE'S RECIPE FOR DILL PICKLES     [print]  |  [comments]

4 quart-size Mason jars
4 quarts cucumbers (3-5 inches long*--about 4 lb. or 32-36 cucumbers)
fresh dill
6 tablespoons pickling salt (not iodized and not cattle salt) Ask the grocer for SPECIFIC SALT FOR PICKLING
2 cups white vinegar. It must be pickling vinegar (7% acetic acid whereas most white vinegar is 5%) USE 7% pickling vinegar.
6 cups water
garlic (optional)

1. Wash cucumbers and soak overnight in cold water.

2. Drain.

3. Places pieces of dill in the bottom of clean jar. Pack cucumbers into jars and place more dill on top. I usually put in 2 cloves of fresh garlic sliced.

4. Combine salt, vinegar and water, bring to a boil and pour hot liquid over cucumbers.

5. Seal and let stand in a cool place at least 6 weeks before using.

Elaine Gottschall
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Elaine's Recipe For Dill Pickles