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"Breaded" Eggplant with Tomato Sauce

August 19, 2015

While visiting a local farm this past Saturday, we decided to purchase a few white eggplants, also known as "Snowy Eggplants". The next day, during a lazy Sunday afternoon, we sliced the snowy eggplants very thin; prepared two eggs (beaten) in one bowl; set aside almond flour for dipping in another bowl; and heated up a sauté pan for cooking them.

After adding in enough oil for frying, we dipped each snowy piece into the egg mixture and then the almond flour to create a sufficient coating, and then into the pan. After a few minutes, we turned them over to ensure they were cooked on either side. (The key is to slide the eggplant into VERY THIN rounds).

To add to this, we heated up some leftover homemade tomato sauce, and poured that over the fried almond-flour-breaded eggplant and proceeded to eat this divine meal!

image 1