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This Past Saturday at Duke's Bakery

May 12, 2015

This past weekend Duke's bakery invited us for a book signing*.  We spent an afternoon sipping SCD lemonade (with a touch of cumin) and talking with people interested in the SCD. (* South Coast Today - A cookbook aimed at autism)

One boy, "Kevin", who arrived with his mom, stood out.  Just under 4-years-old and wearing a baseball cap he confidently walked  around the store, curiously checking out people, display cases, and everything else (especially a couple of people with ipads).

His mother talked about he how much had changed since January. Diagnosed with ASD at 14 months and non-verbal, he is starting to attempt speech.  His pre-school teachers, initially resistant of supporting dietary changes, are now onboard.  This wasn't the case earlier in the year. As Dorry (co-owner of Duke's) describes it, Kevin first came to the store in January.  He came in screaming.  His mother was upset.  Nothing could calm Kevin down.  His mother had been trying various elimination diets and had heard about the prepared food at Duke's.  With the screaming still going on, Dorry made a split-decision and decided to call Pam IMMEDIATELY.

Less than 5 months later, we simply sat talking.  During his 45-minutes at Duke's Kevin never became upset, never became agitated.  Seeing this change was the reason we worked on the book. 

(A second reason was a chance to sit at Duke's for an afternoon and enjoy the food.  On the way out, Chris packed me SCD Chicken Parm. for dinner.  I kept extra aside so I could stretch the good taste into next day's lunch.)