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Nutty Bakery, an on-line SCD baked-goods shop

June 11, 2014

We recently discovered Nutty Bakery, an online shop that strictly follows the guidelines of the SCD/GAPS/Paleo diets. Although it is physically located in New Castle, Indiana, Amy, the founder of this lovely bakery, says that she receives orders from coast to coast. She ships baked goodies every week for shipments twice weekly to happy recipients.

We were lucky enough to receive a shipment last week from this delicious SCD shop. In a regular-looking mail-stamped box, after pushing the biodegradable packaging peanuts to the side, we unveiled an assortment of goodies that included peanut butter cookies, cashew muffins (honey free), gingerbread cookies, pina colada muffins, and nutmeg muffins; and some of these others we are writing about in more detail below:

The Lemon Cookies that Nutty Bakery offers (and that we were lucky enough to sample) are created by using home-made lemon reduction by cooking down lemon juice, pulp and zest on the stove-top. The result is a really strong lemon sauce that one knows is SCD compliant. 

The Coconut Medallion cookies that were included use raisins to help as a binder and have a bit of a crunch on the outside from the rolled coconut. They are made to be egg, dairy, and nut free, for those on very restrictive diets.

The Fruit & Nutmeg Muffins that are baked will rotate the type of fruit used depending on season.  Our shipment contained a blueberry version. Amy told us that she has her own apple trees and in the fall these muffins will be baked with her very own home-grown apples!

Nutty Bakery buys their honey from local beekeepers, and source their eggs from a farm where the hens are free-range. They are constantly on the lookout to ensure that the ingredients they use in their baking are local, organic and high quality as much as possible. All Nutty Bakery goods are allowed on SCD and GAPS diets.  All items are grain free, gluten free, and refined sugar free; and many items are also allowed on the Paleo or Vegan diets.  You can check specific products for full ingredient listings.

image 1 From left to right: Nutty Bakery's Fruit & Nutmeg Muffins, Coconut Medallions, and Almond Loaf.

From Amy of Nutty Bakery:
"My daughter has been on the SCD diet for two and a half years. The impact it's had on the development of my daughter has been truly remarkable. Nutty Bakery just seemed like a natural development from the baked goods I've been cooking at home. Future plans included expanding my menu – I would like to try some new SCD legal flavors. I'm also experimenting with ways to make granola, I find that "crunch" is a challenge to achieve."

You can find out more about this lovely bakery at