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Special Diets

April 21, 2014

When we walked down to our local grocery store last night, we came upon this sign outside:

image 1

Years ago, when first starting the SCD in the mid-1990's, people would say "huh?" or "what" about special diets, food intolerances, always asking "you can't eat this or that"? Now it seems that even the local stores have caught up with health and dietary challenges by stocking items and moreover creating events that are focused on "special diets". It is very pleasing to see this change occur, albeit step-by-step over the past decade or two.

If you are on good terms with your local grocery store, you could always encourage them to host a similar event such as this. This allows other customers who might be suffering (or not) to learn about different diets, such as SCD, and what they have to offer. It is an awareness campaign for everyone concerned.