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Pike's Place Market

March 10, 2014

While we were visiting Seattle for the first-ever SCD Symposium hosted at Seattle Children's Hospital, my wife and I decided to stay on for the weekend and explore the city.

One of the first places we hit bright and early on Saturday morning was Pike Place Market, the 100+ year old arcade market located downtown by the waterfront. Although part of the market has been taken over by non-edible offerings such as magic shops and touristy paraphernalia, we had fun exploring some of the foodie places, and admiring the neon food-oriented signage.

This old market is home to the original and first Starbucks coffee shop (across the street), to many eclectic local food shops ranging from sausages to dried fruits to fresh meats and vegetables. And of course, the infamous Pike’s Place Fish, where they throw and yell about fish from one end of their shop to another.

One of the first places we stumbled on when we arrived there, was a giant black and white circle with a hand pointing downstairs that led us to Britt’s Pickles. This tucked away vendor had many fermented offerings, from regular pickles to “curry” kraut that was cabbage fermented with mustard, turmeric, and other SCD-safe Indian spices. As we tasted samples, we immediately bought a couple of these offerings and lugged them back to our hotel room to enjoy!

image 2 A sampling display of kimchi and kraut at Britt's Pickles at Pike's Place Market in Seattle

We also ended up buying some delicious dried apple rings (plain) and beets (just oiled and salted) from another vendor shop that we chomped on as we traversed the funky artsy Pioneer Square neighborhood. When we left the Northwest to head back home on our flight, we decided that we would brave the airport security – the curry-kraut made it back to our home in Boston–and is happily residing in our fridge. We are doling it out frugally at meals to make sure this well-traveled condiment lasts long!