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Bottled Soda’s made with Honey & Real Fruit

March 5, 2014
image 1 The three varieties of Green Bee Soda: Lemon Sting, Ginger Buzz, and Blueberry Dream.

Ever since starting the SCD more than 17 years ago, it has always been a challenge to find alternative drink options for those following this diet. In the past, we would have to make our own fruit sodas or juices at home.

We have a new Whole Foods that opened 2 blocks from our home, and it is now so easy to just wander by there while picking up our daughter from pre-school, or when we are out for a walk with the dog. Besides offering fresh meats and groceries, you can peruse the shelves and find snacks that seem to be SCD-safe.

One of our favorite new drinks is Green Bee Soda!

When we visited WF recently, we met Chris, the founder of this small, family-run business from Maine. Being patrons of this soda for a few months, we ran up to his special promotional display, and started asking him questions about how he came up with his flavors, how he brews them, etc.

As we sipped our samples, my daughter and I chatted with him about how he went from beekeeping, to creating these delicious soda’s (initially for his own children). The idea that this next young generation can grow up with healthy fruit sodas made with real fruit and sweetened with honey seems amazing!

We were surprised to find out that he had been contacted by other SCDers who wanted to make sure his drink was legal for those following the diet. For example, if you read the ingredients label, the Lemon Sting (lemonade) has Lemon Juice, Rosemary, Honey, and Carbonated Water.  Chris sent us this letter to clarify that there were no “hidden ingredients” in his soda recipes.

Please note: The blogger has not been compensated by Green Bee Soda for this post, we just were surprised to find an off-the-shelf drink that seems to be working for those on the diet. And one that is still very delicious!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="800.0"]image 2 Chris, the founder, of Green Bee Soda, at his display offering samples from the different soda brews.[/caption]