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Fermenting with Sandor Katz

October 3, 2013

A few weeks ago, we traveled up to close to Kennebunkport, Maine, to attend a Fermentation workshop by Sandor Katz. For those of you who are not familiar with his work, he is the author of Wild Fermentation among other books.

The workshop took place at a small, lovely farm: Frinklepod Farm, operated and run by a young family. When we arrived there we were greeted by the very friendly hosts and also, in the background, a rowdy crowing (territorial) rooster! A tent for seating about 50+ persons had been set up to accommodate attendees.  Originally, only I was going to attend, but on seeing other families and kids, my partner and daughter decided to stay on.

Under the later afternoon September sun, we listened to Sandor talk not only in detail about fermentation techniques and processes, but also the story of how he came to follow the path he has and become a recognized authority on this topic nationally. He wove together stories of experimentation, foods, nutrition, to create an informative fun event. During the whole lecture he continued to drop chopped cabbage into glass mason jars as he went through the steps of preparing basic sauerkraut.

We came away wanting to ferment all the foods in our kitchen!