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Duke's: An SCD Bakery at a Retail Location

May 14, 2013
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Last week I had the chance to visit the newly opened Duke's Bakery located in Fall River, MA. Started by Chris Holden and Dorry Silvia, Duke's Bakery is an extension of the duo's Back on Tract SCD food and catering business. Back on Tract has been a tremendous resources for local as well as out of state families who are using the SCD to help children suffering from autism.

The toughest part of using a casein-free SCD for autism is getting started. To prepare, parents are advised to have at least a week's worth of food planned in advance and plenty of back-up in the freezer. That's where Chris and Dorry have been able to help. They offer not only baked goods but also substantive foods such as chicken nuggets (with almond flour) and minestrone soup. All of the ingredients are carefully checked--with nearly all of the vegetables, meat, and eggs being organic.

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To supply a child with a week's worth of food, parents are sent carefully packed coolers weighing 40-45 pounds. Not only are they good cooks, but Chris and Dorry are gaining serious strength--shipping hundreds of pounds of SCD food each week.

However, baking is still a focus of their work and they decided to further perfect their art by starting Duke's Bakery. For decades, Duke's served as a neighborhood source of fresh baked goods. With the re-opening, the baked goods are back but they are all Gluten-Free, with many of them also SCD and GAPS legal.

I had the pleasure of eating an SCD blueberry muffin as well as a specially prepared SCD chicken parmigiana dish (which brought back pre-SCD memories).

In addition to serving the autism community and the gluten-free community, Chris has also been "discovered" by the local CrossFit community--with people stopping by for snacks post-workout.

To learn more about Duke's Bakery, visit their Facebook page:

Also, be sure to read about them in the Herald News article titled: Duke's Bakery offers gluten-free treats, and more.