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New SCD Cookbook!

April 15, 2013

image 1We received the new Specific Carbohydrate Diet cookbook "A Taste of Wellness" by Rochel Weiss of Digestive Wellness in the mail a few weeks ago.We could not believe the size of it when we unwrapped it from the package! Acccording to our sources, this 450+ page book has taken quite a few years of dedication and we congratulate Rochel on the effort to bring these SCD recipes to a wider audience.

As an SCD author and blogger, we do appreciate this effort by Rochel (and Digestive Wellness) to put together a comprehensive yet easy-to-read cookbook that offers a range of items: from basics such as Hearty Chicken Soup and Almond Bread; to SCD dinner party favorites like Salmon Fillets with Creamy Lemon Sauce and Three Layer Vegetable Kugel. The Baked Goods section has wonderful sweet treats such as Quick-As-A-Wink Brownies and Lemon Drop Biscuits, alongside more savory offerings of Almond Crackers and Pretzels.

The book is organized neatly by food categories, and there is also a section that suggests different breakfast, lunch and dinner menu options. Some of the recipes are accompanied by photographs (see below) that are well thought-out and informative. This can serve as a hidden resource for those short on time who seek help in organizing their meals and shopping lists for the week.

We at are looking forward to delving into this great new cookbook and trying out some of these wonderful recipes as spring approaches!

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