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Roughage and IBD: The Law of Physics Still Applies

November 19, 2012

image 1This is quick anecdote on why it is important to read a copy of  Breaking the Vicious Cycle* before starting the SCD. I recently talked to someone who followed the SCD for 5 weeks and continued to suffer from diarrhea. He followed the diet "strictly", including a daily salad without any added sugars, binders, or anything else that is SCD "illegal."

However, he had only read SCD information online and missed an important point:

Do not raw vegetables and fruits if diarrhea is active.  The exception is ripened bananas that have black spots beginning to appear on skin.

His daily salad did more harm than good!

According to mainstream IBD treatment, patients should avoid raw fruits and vegetables.  (I don't think it's uncommon for an IBD sufferer to spend years wary of the raw vegetable.)  His quick glance of SCD foods online showed that raw vegetables and fruits are OK.  However, these foods are only OK after IBD symptoms, especially diarrhea, have stopped.

The mechanical action of roughage on an injured bowel will be harmful--whether you are on the SCD or not.

Bottom Line:  If you're going to use this diet, be diligent: read Breaking the Vicious Cycle at least twice, and then plan for at least a week before suddenly switching to a new eating regimen.  Equally important, make sure you are under medical supervision--e.g. consult with your doctor.

* Disclosure:  Similar to other sites, clicking the link above will give this site a % of the amazon sale price.  However, you can ask your library for this book or order a used copy.