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SCD Archives: How Much Yogurt Should I Eat?

May 17, 2010

image 1Elaine Gottschall's answers to many SCD questions may be found on,, and older sites, such as is no longer actively maintained but still contains relevant information.

From the healingcrow website, below is the answer to the question, "How much SCD yogurt should I eat?"

Question: Can anyone tell me how much yogurt should be eaten daily for optimum results?

Elaine's Answer: You have to work up to find out about your own body. But the most common routine is to start with a half cup, next day a cup and work up to no more than 3 cups per day. Others can tell you that you can over do yogurt because it loads the bloodstream with a great deal of the monosaccharide GALACTOSE quickly.

Some people with IBD have livers that cannot convert the galactose quickly enough to glucose and therefore galactose builds up in the bloodstream just as glucose does in diabetics and can cause cataracts, etc. I certainly would not exceed 3 cups plus what you use in soups, etc.


More information on how much yogurt to consume each day, appears on this page:

Along with the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle, the three sites listed above provide a reliable source of general knowledge.

(note: the image in the stop left corner is from the original, in the late 1990s)