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28 Feet: A Play About Crohn's Disease

April 10, 2010

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(If you're in the Boston area, there's a 2nd show tonight, April 10th, at the Playwright's Theater. Definitely go!)

My wife heard about the show 29 28 FEET on the radio. She bought tickets.

That night we sat in the 2nd row of the darkened theater. A 28 (29?) foot spool of purple ribbon rolled across the stage, unraveling. A skinny, energetic man in loose fitting pants and shirt hopped around the lengthening intestine (ribbon). What was this? How was he going to tell his story of Crohn's disease? With a ribbon? With a drawing easel, a chair, and some signs? Didn't a news article mention something about puppets? Puppets?

Ten minutes later my mind stop wandering. I became absorbed by the story, how Jonathan Mirin found himself in a "new life" with doctors and stomach cramping. Going through college, a girlfriend break-up, living in NYC with a mental map of rest rooms, Florida, alternative healing, surgery. Trying to ignore his disease, trying to pay attention to it, trying to have a life despite the constant gnawing sensation in his guts...

With humor, hope, and a happy ending, Mirin's story resonated with the audience which included many IBDers and their friends/family. It's worth seeing.