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The Original Specific Carbohydrate Diet Book is Reprinted!

October 23, 2008

image 1 Motivated by success in treating her two sons with the specific carbohydrate diet--ones son with autism, the other with Crohn's--a mother in Washington state has painstakingly worked with lawyers and publishers to reprint the Management of Celiac Disease by Dr. Haas, the originator of the specific carbohydrate diet.

Originally published in 1951 and previously only available in medical school libraries (or on ebay for $950+), the American Medical Association's journal, the Archives of Internal Medicine, reviewed the book as follows:

This timely monograph by Dr. Sidney V. Haas, who introduced banana feeding in the therapy of celiac disease, and his son represents the most extensive report published thus far on the subject. The first two-thirds of the book deal with the historical aspects of the problem, the various theories of etiology, and the methods of treatment proposed by different workers in the field. The remaining pages are devoted to the authors' own experience and opinions.

On the whole, the subject is treated comprehensively and objectively. The writers' style is clear and direct, and their approach to controversial aspects of the problems of celiac disease is fair and judicious.
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source: AMA Archives Internal Medicine 1952;89(1):165.

For those interested in the background of intestinal disease--before recent headlines, this is a great book. Only now is some of today's research money targeting the areas in which Dr. Haas's book left off.