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IBD researchers starting to look at diets

June 20, 2008

Bam! And just like that things are changing.

The eventual goal of this website is to make it unnecessary. This site and similar ones, SCD cookbooks, and the collective knowledge on email lists rightfully belongs in the medical community. I'm giving the site about two to three years before it's obsolete:)

An announcement this week from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago indicates the way IBD treatment is headed:

The second study which is a dietary trial is looking for 90 participants with Crohn's disease to see if diet adjustments as well as dietary food supplements promoting the growth of good bacteria might help control flare ups.

"We're trying to get improve the mix of bacteria in the intestines of patients with IBD. Imagine making a picture with different colors," said Dr. Ece A. Mutlu, gastroenterologist at Rush and principal investigator on the study. "It could be terrible or harmonious depending on the composition and quantity of certain colors. We're trying to create a harmonious environment in the intestines with the right types of bacteria."  [boldface added]

source: Rush University Medical Center

(Note: I don't know what type of diet they will be using.)