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Glimpse of the Blogosphere: Autism and SCD

February 27, 2008

Another mom has shared her specific carbohydrate diet/autism experiences via the blogosphere.The blog helps give an idea of how the SCD can help . . . and the effort involved.

The blog doesn't sugar-coat the experience . . . or the positive benefits:)

A Tale of Two Tots

. . . The other day as I was walking out with Mickey, another mom, with a son on the spectrum, said I just can't believe he has autism! He is so verbal, makes great eye contact and even hugs you! I said, 5 months ago he was a different kid. Biomedical and the diet has saved him. I can not tell you how good it feels that people are in disbelief that he has autism. It is at the point I really don't have to tell anyone. He still has his quirks and there are times I am reminded that he still has autism, but for the most part he is doing so great! more