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A Year Without Bread: Mother and Daughter Follow-up

February 19, 2008

Several posts have mentioned Beth and her daughter Amy--Amy started the specific carbohydrate diet for Crohn's disease and Beth also followed the diet to give her support.

Although Amy has "thrived" on the diet, tapering off of medication and having a healthy baby, Beth's experience has been mixed. Below is an excerpt from Beth's recent blog post, A Year Without Bread... sort of:

During the year, while my daughter continued to feel better and better, I noticed improvement in several nagging health issues. My osteoarthritis pain improved, my rosacea improved, and a small anal tear that had annoyed me off and on for years cleared up. Not to mention that chronic case of intestinal gas the size of the state of Michigan... was reduced to more like Rhode Island. Seemed like the SCD was the perfect diet for me!

But it has not been all smooth sailing. . .   (continued)