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SCD Cookbook Launch Party

February 3, 2008

image 1 Last night we had a small soirée to launch our new cookbook, Recipes for the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Regardless of the cold and wintry night, our committed SCD supporters involved family, friends and neighbors (two dogs included!)

We decided to cook 6 recipes from our new book - which was easy enough to choose. We assembled a list, divided ingredients, and sped through our local grocery store in an attempt to be organised and efficient. On reaching home, ovens were pre-heated, stovetops were fired up, and we got busy cleaning, chopping, and cooking. It reminded us of the past year, when we spent months in our modest kitchen tasting and testing the recipes for the cookbook.

We ended up making Grilled Asparagus with Tangy Dip (p. 78), Shrimp Seviche (p. 86), Sue's Stuffed Mushrooms (p. 89). Mango Salsa (p. 94), and Thin Crust Pizza (p. 168). For sweetening our mouth at the party's end, we added in Lemon Cookies (p.186). They all came out just as we expected and were delicious for nibbling on.

I met my husband, Raman Prasad, when he first started the diet, and I always remind him that his good fate and health is intertwined with meeting me and finding the SCD. So the SCD and I are close friends, and as long as we are around, I know he will be in good hands. Now ten years later, we are celebrating not only the SCD recipes in this latest cookbook, but also our relationship by sharing stories of family, friends, fellows SCD-ers, and moments in our life together.

I hope you enjoy the cookbook, as much as we enjoyed making it together.

- Nilou

(co-author) and (rp's partner)