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New Specific Carbohydrate Diet website:

November 26, 2007
Six years ago, after a hospitalization and a diagnosis of Crohn's disease, a young woman named Erin described a not uncommon IBD situation:
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So that was that. I returned home gray, limp, and with about as much energy as a dishrag! I lay in bed most of the time, using sleep as my only refuge from this nightmare that was happening to me. I was scared to eat anything, because of the pain I was still experiencing and because of the fear of landing right back in the hospital again.

Reading the research on Crohn's Disease wasn't so encouraging, either. Pain, surgeries, ill health, skinniness, possible colostomy and even cancer seemed to be the main thing to look forward to in the future. Perhaps the most discouraging to me was the loss of the dreams I had for my life: finishing college with a Communications/Public Relations degree, getting married, and having children. Just these basic dreams now seemed to be unattainable. The only thing I could do besides sleep was to pray . . .(more)

However, with the strong support of her family, she tried the specific carbohydrate diet and gradually regained her health. She not only finished college but worked in the White House. She is now happily married and expecting her first child.

To help out others struggling with inflammatory bowel disease, she started the website For those struggling with IBD, it is an encouraging site to add to your reading list.