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The Dietary Adventures of Jilluck

September 4, 2007
image 1 In the spirit of Mike Simon's Flog (food log), Jill has started a blog, The Dietary Adventures of Jilluc, to chronicle her specific carbohydrate diet experiences.

It's fun to have another view of the SCD in real life--including getting yogurt "detected" at the airport* and thrown out by the TSA.

Jill's "day to day experiences managing Crohn's Disease" will definitely help with food tips and recipes.

* (I did slightly better--somehow my yogurt container in a carry-on made it through the Boston airport while the person behind me was getting searched for bringing a toothpaste tube slightly over the 4 ounce limit: "I know the tube can hold more than four ounces! But look! It's more than half empty!")