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Life Without Bread Update: Pregnancy and Dietary Adjustments

July 25, 2007

A March post mentioned a mother and daughter pair who started using the SCD. Beth, the mother, was following the diet in support of Amy who suffered from Crohn's disease.

Six months into the diet, Amy reports feeling much better on the SCD:

Not every day is perfect. But compared to the constant pain of Crohn's Disease that I experienced before the diet, a "yucky gut day" here and there is nothing.

In addition, she is also well into her 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Her blog postings, which include SCD pregnancy tips, may be found here:

However, a couple of months into the diet, Beth, ran into stomach pain--describing her experience as "I felt like I had swallowed a rock." The pain resolved by cutting out/cutting down on almond flour baked goods. Full details may be found at the link below:

If reading Beth's post, note the possibly irritating almond skins. If you use almond flour, make sure it's:

  1. blanched--no skins and
  2. intake is limited!

Since adjusting her diet, Beth has also posted a Nacho Chip recipe.

Thank you for sharing your experiences.