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IBD Athletes

March 26, 2007

More athletes suffering from IBD seem to be cropping up in the news. Ten years ago it was rare to read news of anyone suffering from ulcerative colitis or crohn's.

Here are some headlines:
She Makes No Excuses - Syracuse basketball player with Crohn's disease.

"She now takes about 20 pills each day to control the Crohn's. And those pills can sometimes make her sick."

Fritsche Returns to OSU Lineup - College hockey play with ulcerative disease.

"Fritsche was diagnosed over the summer with a severe form of ulcerative colitis, a rare intestinal condition that caused him to lose 45 pounds."

Ex-North Ender can play again - Professional soccer player planning to return to the game.

"He was extremely unwell when he came to us, and at that stage I was pretty sure his football career was over" . . . "It was an emergency operation and we had to remove Michael's large intestine."

Pettyjohn still trying to prove he's not finished - Former professional baseball player attempting a comeback.

"Arm problems can take a pitcher away from the mound, but losing a colon and 70 pounds of blood and flesh does more damage than rotator cuff surgery. It took at least two years for him to begin to regain his body strength."

The good news is that most of these players are still playing--and their stories raise public awareness of the disease . . .