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Quick Ways To Balloon The Stomach

August 8, 2006

Ouch! It was time for a quick glance at the CCFA website and to rate their latest news listing. Last time they published incorrect information regarding Remicade and breast milk. That entry could be rated -2 for content and -11 for safety.

This week, they have a new site for teens with IBD. Awareness is positive--especially for teenagers with IBD. So far, CCFA +1.

However, the teen site includes an "Everybody's Gottta Eat" nutrition section which links to a printable list of "NUTRITION-BOOSTING SHAKES & SMOOTHIES". The ingredients for these shakes and smoothies include milk, ice cream, half and half, Carnation instant breakfast, and other ingredients which would surely tax the digestive systems of IBD sufferers. These generic recipes seem straight out of a 1970s weight-gaining regimen--something that works if your easily gut can digest lactose. If not, you may become an olfactory danger to those around you. We gave the nutrition advice section a generous -5.

Another section, about pill swallowing, advised "Practice with M&M's (or the small pill-like candy of your choice)". As we all know, the M&M contains all essential amino acids and is part of a complete nutritional plan . . . the CCFA should have added that these IBD undigestibles are readily available during Halloween time. Taking medication section: -1

At a quick glance, the new site has earned a score of -5. One might wonder if the money used to design the site's user interface could have been better spent on a study . . .