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Hurricane Katrina, Crock Pots, and the SCD

August 3, 2006

Marilyn, who lives in New Orleans and is arguably one of the best SCD cooks around, sent in the following note.

It's been 11 months since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, and life, especially SCD-life, has gotten interesting at times. (Try having to make a 180-mile round trip once a week to find chicken wings and paper towels! Doing SCD when you're working full time AND have only a 4.8 cu ft refrigerator to put stuff in can be a challenge. Both our big fridge, and my freezer with all my pre-prepared SCD foods died of post-Katrina rot.)

My crock pot has been a life-saver. And, one REAL sneaky thing I've started doing is using an oven roasting bag in it. I put 3-4 cups of water in the crock pot, as if it were the food. Then I put all my meats and seasoning and vegetables into an oven roasting bag suitable for 4-8 pounds of food, twist it, and set the bag in the crock pot with the twist over the edge, and put the lid on. Crock the food. When it's done, you lift the bag out, untwist carefully to allow the steam to escape and not scald you, and serve.

Presto, a great meal -- and NO crock pot to soak and scrub afterwards!

Don't bother, by the way, with "crock pot liners"! These are oven roasting bags under another name. Moreover, they sell them four to a box for the same price as five oven roasting bags the same size.

When I asked if I could post this note, she added:

I've commented to more than one person complaining about how "hard" SCD is that if I can manage it under post-Katrina conditions, anyone with access to a full kitchen should be able to manage. Actually, anyone with a small fridge, a yogurt maker, a Foreman grill, a toaster oven, a crock pot, and a single burner can manage. And the Foreman grill isn't imperative, just handy.

(For those of you who find the idea of trying the diet "too difficult":)