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Elaine, funeral arrangements

September 5, 2005

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Please note, the family would like an idea of how many plan to attend. Please notify Lucy via email at if you plan to be there.

From Carol Frilegh:

Elaine Gottschall passed away peacefully yesterday, September 5, 2005, at 3:30 p.m. EDT, with her daughters Judy Herod and Joan Gottschall by her side. She is also survived by her son-in-law Stu Herod and grandchildren, Megan and Matthew.

The funeral will take place in Cobourg, Ontario on Saturday, September 10, at 11am. Anyone planning to attend should contact the funeral home below so appropriate arrangements can be made for afterward.

We have lost a rare individual who lovingly held many lives in her hands and rescued them and was respected and adored by all of us.

We must carry on what she worked on for half of her lifetime in the manner she would have wished.

MacCoubrey Funeral Home

30 King St. East
Cobourg, Ontario
Canada K9A 1K7

Phone : (905) 372-5132
Fax : (905) 372-5252

Carol Frilegh
SCD 5 years