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Autism conference, tennessee medicine, recipe book

April 5, 2005

> SCD and Autism

The tenth Defeat Autism Now conference will be held in Boston, MA from April 14 - 17. Scheduled speakers include Pamela Ferro and Elaine Gottschall:

Thursday, April 14, 7pm - 9pm
The How, What, and Why of Using the SCD for Health and Healing
Pamela Ferro, RN and Julie Przybyszewski, RN, MA, LMHC

Friday, April 15th, 2-3pm
The Gut, Brain, Diet Connection — The Specific Carbohydrate Diet
Elaine Gottschall, BA, MSc

Details about the conference may be found at:

For more information on the SCD and autism see:

> Tennessee Medicine

In case you didn't see the fall 2004 SCD article by Raquel Nieves, MD, and Roger T Jackson, MD, a PDF version may be viewed through the link below. The journal Tennessee Medicine published the article in September 2004.

> Recipe Book

Thank you for the positive feedback on the recipe book. Through Lucy Rosset (, John Chalmers (, and this site, nearly 800 have been sold since the fall. Over the summer, this will translate into spending time/effort in adding more recipes to the site--as well as a mechanism for user feedback.