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What happened to the SCD mailing list?

July 25, 2003

As noted by the dates of these journal postings, I have spent less personal time on SCD-related matters, spending it outside (hey, it's summer), with family, friends, etc. Last month, it was with great dismay that I learned the SCD (long island) mailing list would no longer be active.

For the past six years, reading the e-mails has been a steady habit. While in the first year of the diet, I read voraciously as well as sending postings. In the last two years, I have let the daily digests accumulate for two weeks at a time. However, I haven't been able to delete a single digest before skimming the subject headings--and scrolling down to read personal stories of people succeeding and to witness people offering each other encouragement and advice. Also, I've gathered many of the recipes which form this site. Such mailing lists are rare and this one has been strong because of the dedication of Rachel Turet. For the past several years she has taken hours out of her busy life--time equivalent to a fulltime job.

It has always amazed me how Rachel has had the time and energy to maintain the list, providing support for hundreds of people. And that's only online, in the Wall Street Journal article on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet which came out in November 2002, a doctor was quoted as having an 80% success rate when using the SCD to treat children with IBD. One thing the article did mention, but that I found out from the reporter, was that when the doctor referred families to Rachel for additional advice and support, the success rate was 100%.

Thank you, Rachel!

For those of you looking for other e-mail lists, several have been created including one moderated by Gay in Indiana. She is one of the diet "old-timers" and you will be in good hands. Her list may be accessed through the following link: